A hand-drawn alternative to the QR Code

  • Draw a tag on any surface
  • Scan it with the app
  • Attach a web link or a message

What is a Meshtag?

A meshtag is a "drawable barcode" that you can create by drawing triangles and sides of triangles. Then you can attach a web link or a message that anyone can access by scanning the tag with the Meshtag app.

1. Draw a Triangle

Always start by drawing an equilateral triangle. At this point you have the simplest valid tag.

2. Add Segments

Draw additional segments with the same lengths and angles as the segments in the triangle.

3. Scan

Scan the meshtag just like a bar code. Then claim it by attaching a link or a message.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do some tags have an expiration date?

Small meshtags have lifespans that depend on their complexity. A simple tag might only last for a week, while a more complex one might last for 6 months or a year. Very complex tags will never expire. This prevents the simple tags from being used up.

Can I purchase a meshtag?

Yes! If you find a simple tag that you like and you don't want it to expire, you can buy it. Pricing depends on the complexity of the tag. Very simple tags with just a few segments are not for sale.

What if the tag I drew is already taken?

If you drew a tag that someone else happened to claim already, just add a few more segments to it. With as few as 10 segments, there are millions of possible meshtags; with 20 segments there are billions.

What if someone scans my tag at a different angle?

Tags can be scanned at any angle. The result will always be the same.

How is this different than QR Code?

QR codes can't easily be drawn by hand; you need a computer to generate the QR code and then screen to display it or a printer to print it. QR codes also have the link data encoded inside, where meshtags simply associate the link data with the shape of the tag. QR codes are fine for all situations where hand-drawing is not required.

Do I have to draw tags in black on a white background?

No. Meshtags of any color on any background can be scanned. There just needs to be enough contrast between the meshtag and its background, and the background must be a solid color.

Will the image processing chew through my data plan?

Unlike many other apps, Meshtag does all its image processing on your phone. No image data is sent to the server. This means minimal data usage and faster scanning!

About Meshtag

As the first drawable barcode system, Meshtag provides a new interface between our handwriting and our mobile phones. It's intended to bring the internet into the physical world - in a more personal way than the QR code. You don't need a generator or a printer; all you need is a pen.

Sam Petersen


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